Sunday, July 17, 2011


We went to the mall yesterday because some new Xbox game that Steve wanted came out. I was excited he wanted to go because there were a few things from MAC that I wanted to get. Eeee, at MAC if you spend a certain amount of $$$ your name gets put in for a drawing. It's a ton of exciting products and it would be awesome to have my name drawn. There weren't that many names so I hope I have a good chance...fingers crossed!

MAC Clarity Mineralize Eye Shadow (limited edition from Semi Precious)
I wore a little of this today over Club eye shadow by MAC, my all time fav color, and it was very pretty. It's like a teal, gray, brown color with gold and green sparkles. I was excited for the Semi Precious collection to come out, but I realized I only really wanted this one eyeshadow. I may go back for a few other things but i'm undecided.

Refined Golden Bronzing Powder (from Surf Baby but it's permanent)
After using this bronzer today, i've realized it's now my favorite. I love this! You can see there's shimmer but I don't notice it when applied. It doesn't come off orangy at all and I feel like it's going to be a forever product for me.

MAC Mulch Eye Shadow
I've wanted this eye shadow for a while now and I am so glad that I finally got it! It's a bronze, warm brown, shimmery color. I really like how smooth it is.

MAC Stobe Liquid
I've been looking at trying Stobe Liquid and finally decided I "needed" it. I was right. I used this today and I only have one word for it, amazing! I apply this all over my face before my foundation, which is a matte one right now, and it brightens up my face with a beautiful glow.

My favorite thing about our mall is the puppy store! We both love to see the puppies and can't leave without doing so. It's so hard not to get one! Although the smaller dogs like Yorkies and Pomeranians are adorable, we prefer BIG doggies! I've always grown up with Labs and mutts like that, so when we get a house we can't wait to adopt a Lab or a Husky.

We also went to Chili's for dinner and Baskin Robbins for dessert. I always get cheese quesadillas (boring I know) and a side of guacamole. Yum! At Baskin Robbins I usually get my fav, Mint Chocolate Chip, but tonight I decided I wanted something different. It was called Tax Crunch...bad idea. I'm glad I only got a kiddie scoop because it wasn't good at all. I guess it's good to just stick with what I know.


  1. hey there! love your blog so far! You have to let me know how you like mulch eyeshadow I haven't tried it yet but want to! also when i go to the mall here i always go the pet store and hold a dog for like 3 hours!! haha


  2. mmm mulch looks absolutely gorgeous! And the strobe liquid is the best thing that's happened to my skin
    im sure you hear it all the time but you're stunning!

  3. the mineralized eye shadow is gorgeous! i really want to try mixing strobe liquid with my foundation because i love a glowy/dewy finish.

  4. HeatheraAMarie, thank you! I love Mulch! I'm wearing it today just all over my lid and it's very pretty!

    elsbeth alexandraa, aw you're so sweet! Thank you!

    ashleighjoan, do you have Strobe Liquid? If not you should get it! I'm in love with it and i've only used it twice!

  5. very tempted to try that stobe lotion...

  6. That eye shadow looks so cool! Please post a picture of you wearing it- I'd love to see what it looks like on!

  7. Jealousss!

    Thankyou for checking out my blog <3