Wednesday, July 20, 2011

b.right! Radiant Skincare

These look so nice sitting out.

It seems like I am always on the hunt for some amazing skincare. Well, the search is over! I was at Sephora a while back when I noticed the prettiest bottles ever! I walked over and it was the b.right!  Radiant Skincare by Benefit. Since i'm perfectly content with my cleansing cream and my night cream, i'm sticking with those. Why fix it if it's not broke? I only purchased two of the products, It's Potent Eye Cream and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++.

Although I do have more dryer skin, I wanted to go with the oil-free lotion rather than the one for dry to normal skin. The one I got was for normal to oily skin. I only did this because in the summer my skin is less dry, so in the winter I will most likely go with the other one. I love this stuff! It soaks right into my skin and is very lightweight. It makes my skin feel so smooth and amazing! I apply it every morning to my face and neck, I do about 3-4 pumps to really hydrate. You can apply your makeup right away but I like to wait a few minutes. The scent is nice, fresh, and not overbearing like others. Also, the fact that it has a pump is a HUGE plus for me!

I have minimal dark circles and after using this eye cream, I can tell a difference. I still need to use a bit of concealer towards my inner eye, but i'm hoping it'll fade with time. It's rich but not too, too thick (if that makes any sence) so it's good for during the day. It's not greasy at all and again, it soaks right into my skin. I apply it before my moisturizer in the morning and at night.

These are worth the money and I absolutely recommend them if you're looking for some amazing stuff! I have been using these for a month now and I really have been enjoying them. They're definitely a staple for sure.


  1. i use benefit's dear john moisturizer at night. it's thick but doesn't feel greasy. i've been searching for a good eye cream, so maybe i'll try this one!

  2. its so funny because i have this weird obsession with glass bottles and saw these in sephora and was like ohh! but with the price and the fact i didn't think they'd be that great i skipped them. i have a good routine except for an eye cream so i might try this one if you love it!

  3. I almost bought this while i was in sephora,, i love the glass bottles.. i wonder if the eye cream would be right for me, i seem to get milia everytime i use eyecream, maybe i am using too much.. gonna give that face emulsion a shot!