Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Favorites

I wanted to share a quick deal with y'all. My mom's birthday is the 4th and I couldn't think of what to get her. She's been meaning to order a book of pictures from my wedding and I came across a website, MyPublisher.com, and their photobooks are on sale. AND if you're a new customer it's buy one get one free, so that's awesome!! You can design the whole thing yourself which is great. I freaked out when I found it! The offer ends August 8th so if you need gift ideas this is neat.

Now onto the point of this post...
Wow, I can't believe it's August already! This summer is going by so darn fast. HOPEFULLY this is the month that we're moving back to Texas yay!

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream
This stuff is the best night cream i've ever tried and one of my all time favorite products. I use this all over my face and neck every night and when I wake up my skin feels amazing. It's thick but not at all greasy. It smells awesome and it feels so nice immediately when you apply it. It feels like silk and that's really the best way to describe this. Sometimes if I know i'm just staying at home all day I will put this back on in the morning and leave it all day.

Fix +
As you can tell from the empty bottle, I love this stuff. I like to spray my face before my moisturizer and again after my makeup is done. The results are beautiful and makes my makeup last all day. I also really like this for spraying my eyeliner brush, dipping it into an eye shadow, Beauty Marked from MAC to be exact, and using it as an eyeliner. To me it seems as if it makes it waterproof. Is that the idea? I'm not sure but I really like everything about it.

Jergens Natural Glow
I've been using this all summer and i really like it. I can tell a slight difference in my skin color in one use and a significant change with two. I put this on all over before bed and in the morning i'm tan! I had never really tried a gradual tanner before now and I was kind of iffy about it but it really is great. I use this as my all over body moisturizer and it makes my skin super soft.

MAC Brit Wit Cremeblend Blush
I've been using this blush towards the end of July and I love it. It's a dusty rose color that provides a very pretty flush. It's very long lasting and goes on so smooth. When I put this on I feel like my face is complete.

MAC Sable Eye Shadow (left)
I've been using this a lot lately all over my lid and it's so beautiful. I love how easy this eye shadow goes on and how blendable is it. It's like a plumy bronze color with a sheen and it seems like everything I pair it with works.

Urban Decay Sin Eye Shadow (right)
I use this all over my lid everyday pretty much to start of any look. Sometimes it's a lot and sometimes it's only a teensy bit. It's very shimmery and my favortie champange color. I also love that it's not too pink. It's so velvety and wonderful!

MAC Supremely Confident Sheen Supreme Lipstick
I'm completely out of this and I desperately need to go get another. It's very creamy and glossy on. It's great to put it on all over or just to dab on so it's not too opaque. This is my perfect nude yada yada yada. What's not to love?

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color Lacey Lilac
Purple is my favorite color and I love any shade of it. I have a few of these nail polishes and I really love them. At first it was a bit streaky but with the second coat the color applies very nice and it doesn't chip on me. It's the perfect lilac for me and it looks so nice with a tan.

I hope that August brings wonderful, happy things for everyone!


  1. Is the olay cream for anti-aging? or to just soften the skin? Cute blog. Im following :)

  2. It's for both!! Aw thank you :)

  3. Thanks about the mypublisher website! My sister got married a few weeks ago and has been looking for a site for photobooks for ages (the ones weve found weren't very good). Was so happy this website had a UK version as they look fab.

    :) xoxo

  4. I love all the product's you've included! I recently need my july favs too :) I decided to draw them :) x

  5. You have really great stuff. I want it all :)

  6. Lovely! I will have to try some of those products! I especially love the nail polish color you posted!

    I have used Publisher.com!! It is amazing and the quality is really good! Costco.com also does something similar that is comparable!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    PS: I am a new follower :) Love your posts! Check out my blog too:) Maybe we can follow each other?

    xoxo Denise


  7. brit wit looks like it would be such a nice flush of color and i've always wanted to try fix+.

  8. Chelsey, I'm so glad I could help!!

  9. Great products =) Nice post.

    Following you, I hope you follow back =)

  10. OMG I love MAC products they are fantastic

  11. Love those eyeshadows :) MAC are my favorite!

  12. The Sally Hansen nail varnish looks amazing! In the UK we only have a limited amount of S.H polishes, and they are all nail treatments, I would love to try out the colours! I'll keep my fingers crossed that we get them in our stores :)

  13. These eyeshadows look wonderful!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!



  14. You have convinced me to try the olay cream! :)

  15. Love your blog! I also noticed your hubby is in USMC dress blues. Great for him.
    I am your newest follower. :)

  16. Thank you soooo much for your comment!!!!

    I think your blog it's really great!!! and all the make up posts!!!
    I love MAC, and thanks to you I discovered new products that I can't wait to try!!!!


  17. I love your blog! and all of these products look awesome!!

    In our sea of love

  18. i liked jergens natural glow too! i'm just trying to see what other tanning lotions are out there, but if i don't find any that is my go-to tanning lotion. and i also loved lacey lilac! :D

    p.s. thanks for following! will be following back too. :)

    <3, Mimi

  19. I use all those products, especially the Jergens Natural Glow :) Love it!! And that lilac color is beautiful. Love the blog :)

  20. I love sally hansen's xtreme wear. Mac's blush looks so cute. :) Btw love your blog,i'm your new follower,would love if you follow back :)


  21. I love Jergens Natural GLow! Great picks!

  22. I have the same blush and love it :)

    Great post

    - Sydney xo