Sunday, September 4, 2011

On the Spot

Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment, Vanishing Formula

It is a small tube, at only .75 oz, but you only need a teensy bit.
I woke up with a red spot on my face a few days ago and I just left it alone and didn't mess with it. Now, usually when I get spots they go away on their own but this one was being stubborn. It just got bigger and was very sore. I've never bought or tried a product that claims to make a pimple disappear but I was getting desperate. I looked at all the options at the store and I liked what this one offered the most, and there were only two left so I took that as a good sign.

You of course wouldn't use this much on one pimple, but this is how it looks. 
Last night I washed my face and then applied it on my big, red pimple and went to bed. I didn't really rub it in, I just placed it directly on the spot. When I woke up this morning I was amazed! The redness was completely gone, it had shrunk like over half the size, and it was no longer sore. The soreness was my biggest issue. It didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all, but it did dry my pimple out a bit. I'd rather have a little dry skin that can be fixed with moisturizer than spots. It's hard on the pimple but gentle on the skin while killing the acne. You can apply it gradually up to three times a day but once a day seems to work fine. It says that it's good to use a THIN layer all over where you have or get acne to prevent new pimples from forming. I love how this product is cheap and it truly does make your spots vanish!!

I'm so excited that I found this and I can never be without it! It really is the perfect fix.


  1. i will for sure being getting some of this to try! love having these products around when you need a go to spot treatment like this!

  2. benzoyl peroxide is the best acne fighting ingredient out there. usually spot treatments contain salicylic acid, which usually doesn't make a difference with my skin, so i'll definitely be trying this one!