Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Favorites

Wow! I really can't believe that I have 100 followers! Thank you and I appreciate all the sweet comments, it does means SO MUCH to me : )

I really loved a ton of stuff this month, but I thought more than seven things may be a bit much.

TRESemme Instant Heat Tamer Spray
I've only started protecting my hair with stuff the last 6 months or so and I can really tell a difference than before. I got a trim in July and usually my hair would already have split ends. I use this before I blow dry my hair and before I straighten it and it works so great. It smells good and you only need a few sprays. I really think it's important that everyone should use a heat protectant if you're not already and this is a great one with a low price.

MAC Tempting Eye Shadow
I've been wearing this lightly all over my lid on it's own on the days where i'm in a hurry but I still want a little something. It's a shimmery bronze, golden, light brown color that is so so beautiful. The texture is smooth but it does have fall out so you have to be careful when you put it on. This is for sure one of my top favorites.

MAC Shell Cream Color Base
You can do a lot with this product, but lately i've been liking it as an eye shadow base. It really makes my eye shadow stay put all day and you don't need a lot of it. It's a shimmery, light bronze, pinky color that isn't too dark or light.

L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes
I used this a few months back and I thought that it was just okay and it wasn't anything special to me. I ran out of mascara and I thought i'd give this one another chance and now I think it's amazing! It makes my lashes look so full and long. It doesn't flake or smudge under my eyes like some mascaras do to me. I think the reason why I used to not care for it was the way I was applying it. I used to wiggle it on my lashes and rush, but now I just blink and slide it through, much better.

Nivea a Kiss of Rejuvenation Q10+
If you have dry lips, or if you just like amazing lips, then this is the best thing. Ever since I bought this i've been using it non stop. It has kept my lips so soft and it actually looks good on, like it SLIGHTLY nudes out your lips. Slightly. I haven't really been wearing too much lipstick recently because this looks so good. I'm not sure if it's just in my head BUT this does seem to plump my lips! It stays on a long time and it doesn't have a funky taste if it gets in your mouth...or your husbands mouth.

Sinful Colors Miami Heat
Beautiful!!! It's sheer with one coat and two coats make it perfect. This is my favorite blue nail polish and my husband likes it on my nails too. It really makes my wedding rings sparkle and is so pretty and shines in the sun! It's royal blue with blue shimmer and it lasts on my nails for a good while.

I got these from Target and they quickly became a favorite. I love the shape of them and they're not too too heavy. They look so good on and the gold and black really show up against my dark hair.

I can't believe it's already September tomorrow! Gosh, it seems like 31 days ago it was just the beginning of August...joking.
I hope that this is a GREAT month for everyone and lots of good things happen : )


  1. I really love the earrings! No wonder cause they are from target!!

  2. I loooove Tempting, such a great neutral super easy color to wear =)

  3. i've been using the tresemme mousse by the same line and i loved it, but i feel like it's been making my hair a bit greasy lately. i'll definitely try the heat tamer, though. i'm now using argon oil from sally's and it's kind of a mess because you have to pour it into your hand.

    i LOVE the nivea lipblam in the stick form, so this definitely make me want to buy the kiss of rejuvenation! my lips have been so dry and when i can't find a lip balm anywhere it drives me insane!

  4. TRESemme has the best heat protector ever!!

  5. LOVE shell! Such a great highlighter! xo